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Approvals are a vital part of product quality and integrity. With so many products being imported and sold without any kind of audit, it is more important than ever that a customer can differentiate between professional companies who will undertake independent and expensive approvals and those that do not.

WRAS Approval

This is one of the most critical tests for water meters and is a normal requirement when specifying products to be used for drinking applications. We have undertaken this approval which is intended to assess the suitability of the products with drinking quality water that are to be used within the Water Regulations. Both a material and mechanical test are undertaken to ensure compliance. Materials used be WRAS Approved materials. We know from experience that most imported water meters are not made from WRAS Approved materials and are certainly not approved. For more details see

MID Measuring Instrument Directive

The primary aim of this Directive is to create a European wide standard for measuring instruments so that consistent quality and accuracy of products is achieved to enable consumers to have confidence in the products they are using, especially as these are often used for billing purposes. This is covered within the EU Declaration of Conformity (Directive on Measuring Instruments 2004/22/EU) which is where the products are audited and declared to meet such standards. The current water meter standard is ISO 4064-1:2005 and the MID Approvals will ultimately replace this.