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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

There is a world of difference between a product that meets standards and one that originates from an unkown quality source without technical support or back up. With so many products available that don't have Approvals, we think it is important that the customer has confidence in the products and can clearly distinguish between cheap imported products without any verification and independently tested quality products. Ask yourself why many of these companies don't provide products that have WRAS approval, for example.  It is expensive to fit a product twice. Meeting the requirements of standards demonstrates Delta Flowtech's committment to invest in maintaining quality standards and integrity.

Delta Flowtech products are manufactured to the system ISO 9001 for its organisation-wide Quality Management System.

Delta Flowtech products meet stringent independent tests and Approvals, such as WRAS for water meters. Our heat meters for example are Measuring Instrument Directive Approved (MID). 

Meeting the requirements of standards demonstrates Delta Flowtech's commitment to driving continuous quality improvement through the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) across the whole organisation.

This commitment is underpinned by our strategic quality objectives:

  • Use the QMS as a tool to measure, monitor and implement best practice outcomes across the organisation.
  • Manage continuous improvement through the monitoring and measurement of Key Performance Indicators across the supply chain.


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